Still Blooming

I love following artist and writer, Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram. Her words and accompanying art always seem to catch me right when and where I need them.

“I am not who I used to be and that is a beautiful thing and even here, in new unknowns, I know: I am still blooming.”

-Morgan Harper Nichols

Reading this reminded me of what I found in my kitchen this morning: a blooming hibiscus!

My husband and I bought a hibiscus plant in 2016. Every year, I am convinced this will be the year we finally let the now old, barren, scraggly-branched thing go… and every year, I am very wrong.

This year, hubs wanted to bring it inside in October. I kept telling him it was way too early (keep in mind it was 75° on Christmas this year!), but we compromised and made its winter home in our kitchen a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

Imagine my surprise waking up on January 14 as we approach another weekend with a snowy forecast, only to find a large, pink bloom greeting me!

There’s something here, right? Blooming in unexpected places at an unexpected time. We scratch our human heads with confusion; the circumstances just don’t add up.

And then I remember my epiphany.

Our timing is not God’s timing. Our ways are not His ways.

Thank God for that!

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