An Obvious Calling

As a natural performer from age 3, I’ve always loved the spotlight. It was never a problem to sing, dance, or act – spouting lines and lyrics from the artists who created them. But public speaking? That was a big bag of NOPES. As I got older and had to do more speaking for school,…

‘Tis the Season for a Love Story

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, where my dad was a deacon and my mom sang in the choir. I remember sitting by myself, drawing with my best friend, or taking a nap in those Louisiana pews. I learned the Bible early – all the stories and the “right” things to say. I…

A Perfectly Imperfect Christmas

Upon logging in and dusting off the blog this morning, I discovered that somewhere between Days 55 and 100 of The 100-Day Project, I quit. One of the big lessons of 2022 for me was (and continues to be) unraveling perfectionism. I remember having conversations around job interviews as a newly graduated young professional; I…

Still Blooming

I love following artist and writer, Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram. Her words and accompanying art always seem to catch me right when and where I need them. “I am not who I used to be and that is a beautiful thing and even here, in new unknowns, I know: I am still blooming.” -Morgan…

When Life Gives You Lemons (and Takes Away Corn)

For those who know me, it’s no secret I love tacos. During 2020, I attended a virtual Field Trip through CreativeMornings, where I learned how to make corn tortillas from a Spanish chef living in Germany. (Technology!) It forever ruined me for store bought tortillas. Also during 2020, I learned how to make authentic Tacos…

Bolstering Hope

I’m seeing connections between my personal learning and real world experience. People need people.

May everyone be so blessed to have someone listen and really hear them. May everyone be so blessed to have someone say they want to walk with them through the hard stuff. May everyone be so blessed to find, through the actions of others, that they’re not alone.

Stacking Stones

There are some days where I feel physically helpless, but I can pinpoint the exact moment when I was brought back to life. I have the receipts. I’ve stacked stones in the river. Even sitting in this pain, I can return and rejoice because I remember why God is good.

Presence Not Withheld

I tend to avoid New Year resolutions, but I do want to continue living here in this heart posture: just as I have been promised, so will I try to extend.

Keep the Receipts

It was one year ago today that everything changed. We were putting in a full day of work and training a new employee. We attended an event that evening… and an hour after we left, the building and surrounding neighborhoods were hit with tornadoes. Mere weeks later, the country quarantined from COVID. Everything was different….

His Cup of Tea

March 19, 1989. I had to look up the actual date, but the time itself is easy to remember. I first made a profession of faith on Palm Sunday when I was eight years old. I was baptized the following week on Easter Sunday. Thirty-one years later, I realize I made this decision before I…