The 100-Day Project

This post is a transcription of the Starting with a Song Podcast, S3Ep1: And Now For Something Completely Different…

S3Ep8: Week Eight of #The100DayProject Starting with a Song

Can you believe it?! It’s already time to celebrate the halfway point of The 100-Day Project! Today, I’m chatting about the BELONG Retreat with author, Karen Kingsbury, songs of the heart, and my favorite four-lettered word. Plus, our new segment: 100 Days of S.O.N.G. — listen along for the songs I'm Singing, my Observations of the week, what's Noteworthy, and what I'm Grateful for. *The 100-Day Project is a free global art project that takes place online. The idea is you’ll practice a creative project every day for 100 days and share your process through social media. You can follow along on Instagram and subscribe here for updates.
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Hi friends! Happy 2022. It has been a minute! I am not even going to try to catch up on the last two years – I mean, I feel pretty confident in assuming you’ve been affected by these weird times at least in some respects – just like me, just like everyone. 

And all I really want to say about that is… how are you? If no one has told you today, you’re doing great. And yes, sometimes getting up and showering totally deserves a gold star.

Anyway, the real reason I’m here: The 100-Day Project!

For those who aren’t familiar, The 100-Day Project is a free global art project that takes place online. The idea is you’ll practice a creative project every day for 100 days and share your process through social media. Last year was the first year that I completed all 100 days and I celebrated with a big art show where all proceeds benefited one of my favorite local organizations, Daybreak Arts. It was SUCH a blast.

After all the fun of last year, I started getting questions about this year. “Are you participating? What’re you going to work on?” Inquiring minds want to know!

The short answer? I want to! But I wasn’t real sure what that would look like. There was something holding me back that I’ve been keeping to myself…

10 years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. With biologic injections, I’ve been able to manage up until last year when they stopped working. Who even knows why these things happen? The past 8 months have been a rollercoaster journey of medication trials, visits to the ER, modified diet, holistic nutrition ventures, therapy, prayer… ALL the things.

Today, my body has made improvements, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

All that to say, there have been days when my joints become so inflamed, my hands are rendered useless. What’s an artist to do when drawing and painting become a challenge?

My husband and I were brainstorming about this, because it just seems to me like an opportunity for creativity to do what it does best – piecing abstract solutions to everyday problems. If any other creatives are listening (and spoiler: EVERYONE is creative), it will resonate when I say creators gotta create. Just because I may have a series of less-than-awesome days, life doesn’t stop and I refuse to let my circumstances sideline me.

So, all that to say, I am here for the challenge and I will be participating in The 100-Day Project beginning February 13. I’m going to dabble in photography – something I know very little about (and something that doesn’t require a lot of hand-held fine tuning). It was my husband’s idea – to show different perspectives and force people to see life differently.

And really, doesn’t viewing life from different perspectives complement singing through our circumstances? So, I want to do both side-by-side. 

Now, we both know that I’m not going to record a daily podcast, but we’ll see if I can get close to weekly. And it’ll look a little differently than past seasons – it’ll just be me behind the mic, but I’m looking forward to the stories I get to share with you.

Anyway, this is your official notice: you have a week! Why not flex your creative muscles and join me in the 100-Day Project? Anything goes! You can visit for inspiration and ideas and you can follow along with me on Instagram at @artisticamanda. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Starting with a Song podcast for stories and updates, too.

Till next time! Be strong, be courageous, and always keep singing.

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