Waiting Without a Map

When I was in middle school, my childhood friend and I piled in the backseat of her parents’ car and set off toward Disney World. I remember them pulling out a large book of maps from the seat pocket behind them to locate where we were and start calling hotels on the route ahead for…

Keep the Receipts

It was one year ago today that everything changed. We were putting in a full day of work and training a new employee. We attended an event that evening… and an hour after we left, the building and surrounding neighborhoods were hit with tornadoes. Mere weeks later, the country quarantined from COVID. Everything was different….

5 Things I Learned from Tacos

Ever the daughter of an educator, I tend to digest experiences through lessons learned and, just like you can learn a lot from a culture through their culinary history, what Iā€™m taking away from my time in Puerto Vallarta really boils down to tacos.

Beginning of the End

Someone recently said that fall is the start to a 3-month exit. My birthday falls around Thanksgiving so I tend to not think of it as an end, but as a beginning for a new season, a new year, new lessons, new opportunities. But it is an end, isn’t it? Even the colors I marvel at ā€” the yellows and browns on the crunchy, fallen leaves ā€” that’s death in nature; an exhale to green life well-lived.