Open Mouths, Open Hands

My husband and I always catch flashes of red flying through the green canopy in our backyard. “We must have a cardinal nest around here,” he said. We must. I’m not complaining. After my grandparents passed, it always warmed our hearts to see the red birds flying with their muted female counterparts and landing on…

Loving through Walls

My thoughts are mostly questions surrounding loving through walls. No, I’m not talking about the Netflix social train-wreck called Love is Blind, but rather… “How can I love the people around me while they’re not physically around me?”

5 Things I Learned from Tacos

Ever the daughter of an educator, I tend to digest experiences through lessons learned and, just like you can learn a lot from a culture through their culinary history, what Iā€™m taking away from my time in Puerto Vallarta really boils down to tacos.

Beginning of the End

Someone recently said that fall is the start to a 3-month exit. My birthday falls around Thanksgiving so I tend to not think of it as an end, but as a beginning for a new season, a new year, new lessons, new opportunities. But it is an end, isn’t it? Even the colors I marvel at ā€” the yellows and browns on the crunchy, fallen leaves ā€” that’s death in nature; an exhale to green life well-lived.