When Life Gives You Lemons (and Takes Away Corn)

For those who know me, it’s no secret I love tacos. During 2020, I attended a virtual Field Trip through CreativeMornings, where I learned how to make corn tortillas from a Spanish chef living in Germany. (Technology!) It forever ruined me for store bought tortillas. Also during 2020, I learned how to make authentic Tacos…

Bolstering Hope

I’m seeing connections between my personal learning and real world experience. People need people.

May everyone be so blessed to have someone listen and really hear them. May everyone be so blessed to have someone say they want to walk with them through the hard stuff. May everyone be so blessed to find, through the actions of others, that they’re not alone.

Growing Pains

Do you remember the worst pain you’ve ever felt? Eight years ago, I opened my eyes in the comfort of my bed and felt something very wrong. My elbows were sore, my knees were stiff, and I couldn’t move my fingers. Later that day, my shoulders started aching and my wrists swelled. In less than…