Keep the Receipts

It was one year ago today that everything changed. We were putting in a full day of work and training a new employee. We attended an event that evening… and an hour after we left, the building and surrounding neighborhoods were hit with tornadoes. Mere weeks later, the country quarantined from COVID. Everything was different….

Spin the Wheel

I don’t know how therapists do it. Anytime I hear someone spew their problems, I want to shake them and simultaneously point to a list of step-by-step instructions saying, “here’s exactly what you need to do.” I don’t even know if that gut reaction could be swayed with money (probably not. #sorrynotsorry). All that to…

Choosing All In

I had a rare free night last Thursday that I’d planned to fill with writing. Although earlier that day, I learned that cancer took a friend of ours and I didn’t know what to say about it (if anything). So, instead of writing, I drew. I’ve been devouring podcasts and books lately – some on…

Spark and Sponge

Fall (my absolute favorite time of year) finally started showing its face last week so my husband and I ventured out on the lake over the weekend to soak up the last bits of sun and marvel that October is already upon us. “I mean, think about everything you’ve been through these past ten months!”…

A ‘Liviting’ Life (or How I Quit Dieting)

Have you ever considered the root word of diet to be die? A diet I signed up for in high school had this same realization and touted itself as a live-it instead. Some riveting life! I still found myself dreading the weekly weigh-ins and quickly getting discouraged when I didn’t have the same results as my peers. Dress it up and call it what you want, but it still is what it is.

Hi. I’m Amanda. And I’m a serial dieter. Counting calories, counting/eliminating carbs, binge-ing on cabbage soup, South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Paleo — you name it, I’ve done it.