Goodbye Fear

A few weeks ago, my mom texted me this photo with a simple caption, “OMG.”

“Do I need to listen to this?” I asked. She immediately responded, “YES.”

At the time, her music video was all I could find. With a voice reminiscent of Sara Bareilles, I was already sold, but then I saw images of the artist throwing items (a MIRROR, a BATHROOM SCALE) into a suitcase to be thrown out.

Meanwhile, I’m over here dying to break up with poor self-image and weight-related numbers, so that was all it took to resonate.

Give it a listen. Mother knows best.

I’m learning fear can manifest itself into anything. And what strikes fear in my heart, may not in yours. Regardless, no one is immune.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.”

-1 John 4:18 NKJV

What are you currently being called to do that makes you afraid?

What have you missed out on in life because of fear?

“Fear you don’t own me. There ain’t no room in this story and I ain’t got time for you telling me what I’m not like you know me. Well, guess what?! I know who I am. I know I’m strong, brave, and I am free; got my own identity. So, fear, you will never be welcome here.”

-Francesca Battistelli

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