Spiraling Forward


I’ve been meeting with a voice of reason for several months now. I walked into the room with a smile that faded as she closed the door behind me.

As southern pleasantries go, it’s only polite to ask how someone is when you meet them (whether you truly care or not). I told her that I was looking forward to the day where I’d say I was great and actually meant it. Today was not that day.

In an emotional puddle, I talked through my setbacks; one day I felt I was making real progress, while the next showcased massive failure. My energy was waning.

She changed the subject: “You know the saying ‘stuck in a rut?'”, she asked. “The actual ruts in a brain are neuro-pathways. Science is showing that when you reform your thought patterns, you can actually change those ruts.” She recalled Romans 12:2 (“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”) and acknowledged how neat it was to see this echoed in science.

You aren’t failing. There are no setbacks. This is a non-linear journey.

I just need to reframe my thoughts: I’m not failing. I’m not falling. I’m spiraling forward.


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